To complicate is easy, to simplify is difficult. To complicate it is enough to add, all that you want: colours, forms, actions, an environment full of things. We are all able to complicate. Few are able to simplify.

Bruno Munari
Designer 1907-1998

Each day we ask: How can we make this client happy? How can we do this while continuing along the course of innovation? We ask because otherwise, someone else will.

Bill Gates
Developer - 1955

Innovation has never come about through bureaucracy or hierarchy. It has always come through individuals.

John Sculley
Director- 1939

When someone says: I also know how to do this; it means they know how to redo this; otherwise they would have already done it from the start.

Bruno Munari
Designer 1907-1998

We plan for the present with the awareness of the past, for a future which is essentially unknown.

Norman Foster
Architect - 1935

I think that every human being can conceive form. The problem doesn’t seem to be in any way the existence of creativity, but, to a greater extent, finding the key to liberate it.

Walter Gropius
Architect 1883 - 1969