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Work Experience and Careers

Every minute we are all learning something, because no one is born with knowledge; no one individual is born with their learning complete.

Half of our life is spent in learning and instruction, to satisfy our thirst for curiosity and our ambition to be always ready to take up new projects and follow new paths. A constructive behaviour and perspective permits FASI to be able to continuously grow and face new challenges, new scenarios and new markets, and to be always ready to take up new opportunities.

Knowledge, Experience and Skill.

FASI believes in talent, but believes with conviction and strength that talent must be cultivated, assisted and stimulated every day with new ideas and objectives.

Intuition, technology and design are in our DNA. One of the primary objectives of FASI is to make the knowledge and experience that our team has accumulated, available to everybody every day, so that it may continue to mature and develop through the development of our design activities.


Every year, FASI chooses to host students and graduates in its team, giving them the chance to be temporarily immersed within the world of production, with the aim of carrying out a period of on-the-job training and establishing a real and direct relationship with the business world.

Students are able to start an internship, which gives them credits that contribute towards their studies. The post-graduate internship is available for the 12 months after graduation and lasts for 6 months.

Our attitude towards training and work experience, is that it should be constructive and not just an obligatory step towards the completion of studies. It must not be an aesthetic experience that is unrelated to the studies undertaken, instead it must be the start of the journey to work and professional growth.