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Do what you love otherwise one day you will have to love what you do

Constancy, passion and motivation are necessary to lay the basis for an effective formation. The training of an apprentice requires…

Constancy, passion and motivation are necessary to lay the basis for an effective formation.

The training of an apprentice requires an adequate maturation of the person through study, experience and training in the attended environments.

Formation is aimed at acquiring skills and knowledge and it needs a correct time to be implemented. The fundamental point that must be clear is that the formation has a moment in which it ends: you never can say “now I know everything there is to know“, simply because while we learn, while we form, reality changes. Therefore, training must take this into account, both from the point of view of the content and from the point of view of the approaches.

Those who think they do not need training have already decreed their non-competitiveness on the market.

Quality is inextricably linked to education: the focal points are the continuous training of all the people involved in the company, the acculturation and the awareness of the importance of training.

Only formed and motivated people can give an effective contribution to the proper functioning of a company. It is necessary to have something more than the basic skills and knowledge to carry out a job, it is necessary to internalize a deep awareness of one’s role to contribute to an improvement in quality.

Manage a machinery is easy but teaching people is not so simple. It is necessary to interest them, to make them understand why their training is so important; to make them understand their role, to clarify the objectives and what is expected not only in technical terms, but also in terms of the contribution of intelligence.

The most important thing is to make them understand that everything they learn becomes their personal baggage and is added on their CV.

Today, forming is even more difficult: the notions to know are much more than in the past and the technical aspects tend to become almost more important than the ones that define the context of application; that is why it is important to acquire certain information.

The time to form seems less and less because there are too many urgencies to face and “forming” seems a waste of time.

Many companies look for a definite professional figure and demand it already trained, but for FASI it is not so: it is necessary to invest on human resources with continuity, to build specific educational modules.

But people also have to do their part. It is essential to be aware of how important it is to continue learning in a world in continuous evolution: the world context allows less to consider what is already known sufficient and instead requires a plurality of constantly updated skills.

Briefly, FASI strongly believes in training, an essential need for the future because where there is no value there is no growth; where there is no growth there is progress; where there is no progress there is no future.