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The new identity of FASI Engineering

The identity of a company is built according to its mission, the people of which it is composed, the goals…

The identity of a company is built according to its mission, the people of which it is composed, the goals it sets and the way used to achieve them.

FASI Engineering was founded in 2003 and provides highly specialized engineering services for the automotive world.

This sector is already inspired by dynamism, movement and the achievement of new goals with the maximum of technology. In fact you can never stay behind, what drives every choice is the passion for innovation.


Four words describe who we are:


We invest in the application of new simulation technologies; we create projects by virtually analysing the kinematics of each individual component.


In 2007, to provide an even more complete service, TMP Srl was generated to specialize in the manufacture of polystyrene models for foundry.


Our goal is to enter more and more into the market and expand, in order to establish ourselves among the leading European companies.


Rooted in the past and looking to the future, 30 highly specialized technicians develop complex activities inspired by innovation, from feasibility to full cycle simulation analysis.


The identity of FASI Engineering enclosed in a new logo.

Just because we have the dynamism in our DNA, our image also evolves and renews itself.

Our logo represents who we are, at every stage of our history. This year, just to not stop due to the challenges caused by the health emergency that we have all faced, we have decide to make a restyling of our logo, making it more contemporary and current.


—— We anticipate the future and evolve,

but we are always inspired by a constant: simplify. ———


The font used presents technical and squared lines, in order to create a more explicit and direct connection with the automotive world, which lays its foundations on technicality and on the study of maximum performance. To complete the two vowels, geometric shapes that evoke technical drawings are clearly visible.


“The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak.”

Hans Hofmann